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Does lemon juice help kill the HIV virus?

Q: I have heard that lemon juice has been found to be the fastest killer of HIV. Further, while going through the Internet I came to know that there was a field trial going on in Thailand to study the efficacy of lemon juice in combating AIDS. Could you please elaborate on the same? Like who are involved in this field trial in HIV+ patients? Is this study related to the prevention of infection or treatment of infected people? What is the hope that this study has in store of HIV infected people?

A:Sorry, I do not know anything about the use of lemon juice in the practical management of HIV infection. However HIV is a very fragile virus outside the body and it is quite likely that it will be killed by something as highly acidic as lemon juice. But keep in mind that many things kill HIV outside the body, but to be useful in the management of HIV infection is totally another matter.


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