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Does deep mouth-to-mouth kissing involve the risk of AIDS?

Q: I have heard that deep mouth-to-mouth kissing can cause HIV infection, especially if both partners have oral ulcers or bleeding gums. Is the situation as risky as unprotected sex? Suppose A is HIV+ and has lacerations in the mouth, can he/she transmit HIV to B, who has no oral problems, through mouth-to-mouth kissing? The HIV virus in this case cannot directly enter the blood stream of B. If both partners have healthy mouths and one of them is infected, can the infection pass on? Can saliva act as a transmitter? How is one to enjoy sexual activity at all? Even the use of a condom involves a minimal amount of risk. Our generation is probably the most unfortunate in this respect.

A:You are correct enjoying sex now has a new rule book! As regards your questions. Deep kissing which involves the sharing of saliva is NOT without risk, though the quantum of risk is considerably lesser than unprotected intercourse, either vaginal or anal. Please do not rely on there being no ulceration in the mouth. There are many small lacerations and cuts that are normally of no significance caused by activities such as brushing the teeth or even eating some types of food. These are microscopic but they are there never the less! You are also correct that even condoms use has a certain amount of risk. Current data suggests that even consistent or always use of condoms confers only 80% to 85% protection over the long run. You will agree that a 15 to 20% risk is unacceptable. The best solution is a mutually faithful relationship between (one or more) partners. But the protection is only valid if the partners concerned are 100% faithful to the partnership.


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