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Does a negative TRIDOT test mean I do not have AIDS?

Q: About a year ago I put an IV canula to a HIV positive baby and had a mucous membrane exposure. I did not know then that the baby was HIV positive. I got a HIV PCR RNA test done after 10 days and the result was negative. I didn't use any post-exposure prophylactic drugs. Four months later I had a needle prick injury when I was drawing blood from a HIV positive lady. It was a very superficial prick and I did not feel any pain either. Even when I pressed my finger, not even a single drop of blood oozed out from my wound. Hence I didn't bother and I didn't get myself tested, nor did I use any post exposure prophylactic drugs. Its been 9 months since the incident now. I have got a TRIDOT test done, which is a rapid antibody test, the result came as negative. I have a few doubts. I am using doxycycline 100 mgs, 1 tablet daily for the past 7 months for acne. Will it affect my results? Should I get any other test done? Does TRIDOT negative mean, I do NOT have HIV?

A:With reasonable certainty, one can say that these two incidents have not led to HIV infection in you. Since TRIDOT can have false negatives occasionally, you may get the HIV ELISA done to be doubly sure. Doxycycline does not interfere with the test.


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