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Do I need psychiatric help?

Q: I have been feeling very low and often end up crying for hours. I have been going through separation from my wife. Also my job is very demanding and I travel all month long. I do not consume alcohol but have started smoking a packet a day. I don't have a friend circle and am very aloof now and whenever I get back I just shut my door and close the world out. I get into fits of anxiety and that at times gives me a chest pain. I also get severe headaches and feel drained and sleepy leaving my concentration level nil. I do exercise but there is no desire to carry on. How do I deal with this negativity?

A:Remember - this too will pass. Feeling low after a loss is a common reaction. But if it keeps increasing day by day instead of reducing, and you start losing sleep and appetite, then it is time to consult a psychiatrist because this may be serious depression. Secondly, tobacco is one of the most highly addicting drugs known to man and is highly dangerous besides. So you must reduce and gradually stop.


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