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Do I have HIV and what is HIV spot test?

Q: I got married three years back and have a child. The following year, due to frequent urination, I consulted a urologist in Mumbai. He did my blood/urine test like Australia Antigen and HIV SPOT test. All came normal. My wife has also gone through the same tests. Her result is normal too. But sometimes I get worried whether I have a problem or not due to frequent urination and burning sensation on penis occasionally. As such I do not have any symptoms of HIV. What is the meaning of HIV spot test and its result?

A:From what you describe there is nothing to suggest that you are HIV infected. If the tests reported negative, you can depend on the result, especially if you have not been exposed to the risk of getting HIV infection in the last few months, The burning sensation may well be due either to a concentrated urine if you are not drinking enough water or due to some other mild irritation or infection. It is in no way suggestive of HIV. Please drink plenty of water and if the problem persists ask your urologist if you should get a culture done. I feel that most likely you will benefit from drinking enough water so that you pass urine in adequate amounts.


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