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Confidentiality in HIV testing?

Q: About 2 months back, I had a sexual encounter in the US. I deep kissed a stripper and allowed her to perform oral sex on me with a condom. As I was concerned about this particular incident, I went for ELISA test after 8 weeks, which came negative. According to you what are the risks of contracting HIV during such an incident? Another problem before me is that within a few days time I am returning to India and will relocate to Mumbai from the US. I am aware of the fact that the window period for HIV is 3 months and so plan to go for a test at that point of time. But at that time, I shall be in Mumbai, India. As I am new to the city of Mumbai, could you please give me information regarding reliable testing centres, private clinics, etc. in Mumbai where anonymous/confidential HIV testing is done. Should I go to big hospitals, or are there some good private testing centres? My main concern is anonymity/ confidentiality, and not the testing cost.

A:The chances of getting HIV infection from the risk exposure you describe are very low, therefore I would not worry too much. However there is a risk, however small, and therefore I think you have made the correct decision to get another test at 3 months or later. Any of the large hospitals in the public or private sector should be able to provide a confidential test. If you are concerned, give any name and ID data, not necessarily your correct name. There are also Voluntary Testing and counselling Centres (VTC) in Bombay.


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