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chronic depression

Q: I have had a gloomy disposition of the mind for the past 7 years. May I call it depression? I am married for the last 7 years too but am almost happy in it. I dont have children and both I and husband have willingly made the choice of not having them. I have popped in Alprax .25mg pretty often to induce sleep which has been another weak area of mine. I dont sleep sound and even after an Alprax i dont wake up fresh in the morning and feel fatigued throughout the day. The muscles in the back of my neck are always stiff due to stress I believe. I eat well and my motions are regular. I was put on Depsol Plus and took 3 tablets every day for a year. The side effect has been tremors in the hands and legs. But this medicine did do wonders to my state of mind. After I realized its side effects I spoke with my psychiatrist and he asked me to decrease the dose and slowly I am now off Depsol Plus. But I do need to take an Alprax here and there. Like when i am feeling low and when I get a bout of crying which happens very often. My question is that is it advisable to pop in an Alprax whenever required. I am sure I am not addicted to it. I dont take it for sleep anymore but only when I am feeling low. Can I continue with it as I dont want to go back to Depsol Plus. Or may I start any other tablet. I dont ever get the feeling of suicide!!!! Not at all!!! I like life and I want to be energetic and happy. I work too as a freelancer. But I am not happy with my own performance as my focus and concentration have gone for a toss. Please suggest what you think I need to do next.

A:You have neatly described your problem and the first impression goes in favour of some sort of chronic depression not severe enough, though. Definitely antidepressants (like Depsonil/Depsol-plus) must have helped you earlier. Tablets like Alprazolam are anti-anxiety drugs given for short duration and should not be taken without consultation and beyond a prescribed period. This medicine is habit forming and its effect goes off after certain time. I gather from your description that you may still be going through moderate degrees of depression. Seeking professional help for proper diagnosis and treatment (medicines and/or counseling / psychotherapy) may help you to overcome your symptoms. For further advice and suggestions you may contact any psychiatrist or the undersigned in person.


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