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Can shared toothbrush or razors transmit AIDS?

Q: One of my friend is suffering from HIV infection, but we did not know that initially. Unfortunately my shaving kit and mouthwash related equipment used to be kept in a common place. 1) If unfortunately my friend used my tooth brush and my shaving blades, is there any risk of infection to me? 2) It is estimated that if we both used our stuff, there would have been always a gap of 2 to 2.5 hours in between us. Is there any risk of infection to me if he used it? Please kindly clarify my doubts as I am very anxious and afraid and unable to sleep at night.

A:It is most important that you provide all possible emotional support to your friend. You must not make him feel that he is shunned or feared by you. He was your friend and you must make him feel you are still his friend. I do not think that you need to worry about sharing items such as toothbrushes etc. First usually people do not use each others toothbrushes and even if he did, it is not likely to be a problem. The same applies to shaving brush etc. There is a theoretical chance of transmitting HIV by using a razor FRESHLY contaminated with blood but this too is minimal as one generally washes the razor after use, and even if it had been used and not washed you would naturally have held it under a tap before shaving. In summary, I feel that you should not worry about having got infected from contact through utensils and toiletries. If you continue to worry about being infected, get a test done after some time merely to reassure yourself. Do worry about giving your friend a feeling that you are still his friend and that he is not alone in the world.


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