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Can same gender sexual contact cause HIV infection?

Q: Around 4 years back, I had sex with a person of my gender. But before ejaculation, we separated. This continued for two years but not on a regular basis. But after that we had stopped totally. I just want to know that can HIV affect us?

A:Any penetrative sex, that is oral, vaginal or anal sex can transmit HIV. Ejaculation is not a necessary essential for the transmission of HIV as the virus is also found in the pre-ejaculatory fluids that are normally secreted by people who are sexually excited. Non penetrative sex, for example masturbation by self or with the help of another person, or frottage (rubbing together without penetrating into the mouth, vagina or anus) to the point of orgasm or ejaculation is also generally safe. You must decide what risks you took and the degree of exposure. If you have any doubts get an HIV test done. If the test is negative and your last risk exposure with a person of either gender was more than 4 to 6 months before the test, then you are not infected. Do not take any more risks. Avoid casual sex and only have sex with a mutually faithful partner. Remember that it is not enough to be faithful to your partner, it is equally important that your partner be equally faithful to you. If you must have sex before you have a mutually faithful partner, practice only safe sex. Remember that a condom though offering pretty good protection, is not 100% safe as accidents can occur especially by improper use.


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