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Can oral sex with an infected woman cause AIDS?

Q: I found your website very interesting. In the community that I live, I keep advising people on the dangers of the deadly AIDS disease. Obviously, these are interactive sessions and I had a query from the audience which I could not answer. The query was: if a man has oral sex performed on him by an infected lady, is there a likelihood that he would get infected? To go further, if the infected lady has sores/wound/ bleeding gums in her mouth, it is obvious that her saliva and her blood could be in contact with the opening of the penis. Can the virus route itself through the opening in the penis and enter the bloodstream and infect the man? Could you kindly clear my doubts?

A:In response to the first part of your question, oral unprotected sex with an infected person does have an element of risk, if the mouth has cuts or sores and bleeds from then the element of risk is increased. As regards the second part, it is not necessary for the virus to enter from the opening (meatus) on the penis; the virus can penetrate the delicate membrane and can also enter the body from even microscopic cuts and injuries. Such injuries can occur even with vigorous sex. Of course if there is a ulcer or even inflammation on the penis, the virus can gain entry even easier.


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