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Can my wife conceive with high blood pressure?

Q: My 35 years old wife found congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM) during the seventh month of pregnancy and the baby died. The doctor had given prostine for normal delivery on my request since our first baby was delivered through caesarean section. Now she has high blood pressure and is taking the medicine regularly in order to control it. Is she having high blood pressure due to the reaction of prostine? The doctor told us that due to induction it will remain for six months and until it gets normal she should not conceive. But she wants to conceive soon. Please advise.

A:First of all I am not clear about how many children are already present. It is unwise to conceive till the blood pressure is controlled. If she has a caesarean section, and blood pressure recurs in the next pregnancy - the chance of complications of high blood pressure in mother and baby like brain haemorrhage, liver damage, eye changes, blindness, kidney failure are all there, and a small unhealthy baby as well, with a higher risk of fetal death.

If on the other hand, blood pressure remains well controlled, pregnancy can go till term with healthy outcome for both. The chances of a caesarean section are increased by double, though. If there are already two or more children, she must consider to avoid pregnancy in order to reduce chances of blood pressure complications, which can increase with increasing age.


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