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Can muslim males get AIDS by indulging in sex with 4 wives?

Q: Why do muslim males do not get infected with AIDS in spite of having sex with 4 wives, which is allowed in their community? What are the chances of infection, if I have sex with a married woman without any precaution?

A:HIV infection has nothing to do with the number of wives, it is connected with unprotected sex with someone who is infected and this means whether or not the infected person happens to be a spouse. In fact, the majority of women who get newly infected with HIV in India are probably infected by their husbands. Men who indulge in unprotected casual sex are at high risk of getting HIV infection and HIV infected men can pass the infection to their wives. There is one other factor that one must remember, though HIV can infect both circumcised and uncircumcised individuals, the chances of infection are less in those who have had circumcision. To be safe from HIV, every person should behave in a responsible manner in sexual matters, avoid casual sex and where sex can not be avoided, practice a form of safer sex including the proper and correct use of condoms.


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