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Can I take medicines to fight HIV infection?

Q: I am a 29 years old married woman having 2 children. Both my husband and I are HIV positive. We came to know about this around 8 months back when I was expecting a baby for the third time. The doctor suggested aborting the child. I had an abortion after which my husband and I started taking medicines to fight the HIV infection. But for the last 6 months I have stopped taking medicines but my husband is taking them regularly. Now I am worried about my life. Can I start taking medicines again?

A:I suggest you again contact your previous doctor or any other HIV specialist at a HIV treatment facility convenient to you and follow the advice given to you. In the meantime please also keep in mind that both you and your husband are both HIV positive, it is important that you use a condom when you have sex. As the virus mutates and changes at different rates in individuals, repeated infections are treated in many ways as fresh infections and give a very bad effect upon the prognosis. Please contact a doctor who treats HIV positive persons.


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