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Can I get HIV infection through a needle prick?

Q: Recently while travelling in a bus, someone pricked me with a needle on my left hand. My concern is regarding HIV and I want to know whether I can get infected from the needle which the person was carrying? I am in a state of severe anxiety and am depressed. I have decided not to get married fearing my wife will get the infection from me.

A:It is unlikely that a needle prick in the bus would have infected you but you can reassure yourself by getting a test done for HIV. If the test turns out to be negative even 3 months after the needle prick, then you can be sure that you have not been infected. If you get a test done earlier than 3 months it will give you an indication but you will need a test after 3 months to be certain. If you are negative, and have had no other exposures after the needle prick, then HIV is not a reason to avoid marriage. Remember the test must be done after a gap following the exposure.


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