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Can I get AIDS through oral sex?

Q: I had recently gone to a massage parlour and got intimate with the girl there. I did not opt for intercourse as I was aware of AIDS and its consequences but I guess not fully, that is why I ended up having oral sex without a condom with her. This included sucking of my penis and mouth to mouth kissing which I think was very unfortunate because later I realised an extremely small injury on the skin of my penis. Also there were some marks of recent rashes/inflammation/infection on my penis which were definitely dry at the time of act. The girl was very hygienic and even told me that she and her other colleagues in that parlour undergo tests every month to be sure that they don't have any infection(s) including HIV. She even rinsed her mouth with an antiseptic dental tonic for quite some time while having bath as is her usual practice which may mean that she doesn't have any unhealed injuries in her mouth. Since that very day I have been surfing Internet sites to find the probability of me getting infected with HIV. Please tell me what are the chances of a person getting infected through the saliva of the partner that doesn't contain blood? I have been having some sort of itching on my skin since then which sometimes seems like a mosquito bite (little elevated portion itches) and also had loose motion yesterday (just once). I am very scared and cannot even discuss it with anyone. If I get HIV infection, I cannot even see my parents in India whom I love more than anyone else. I am their only son and cannot see them hurt. They are currently seeking an alliance for my marriage. I am feeling suicidal. Please guide me.

A:The chances of HIV infection through oral sex are low but certainly an element of risk exists. There is no way that anybody can tell you whether you did or did not get infection without testing. The usual tests (ELISA) do not begin to get positive even if infection is present for 6 weeks to 12 weeks after exposure. The chances of HIV infection by kisses, even deep or wet kisses is very very low though again it is not an activity with No risk. Small amounts of blood in the saliva need not be visible. Testing for HIV once a month is without any meaning for many reasons including the fact that tests do not show up as positive early after infection and in any case the person could get infected the day after the test! I suggest you get your skin rash treated if it is still there and do not expose yourself to any risk of exposure in the future. The chances are that you will have escaped infection. Get yourself tested after some time to be sure.


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