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Can I be HIV positive despite negative test reports?

Q: I am a 26 years old male, and I had an unprotected sexual exposure a year back with a woman of unknown HIV status. Since then, I have got myself tested n number of times and all the reports indicate that I am HIV negative. However, I sometimes get sore throat. Does that mean I have contracted the infection? Please settle my doubts.

A:All the many tests show that you have not acquired HIV infection. You are not HIV positive as far as our science today can determine. I suggest you believe this and stop getting HIV tests. I do realise that you are full of guilt and regret about your one risk exposure but learn from this whole thing and never subject yourself to such tension again. No more casual sex, at least no more casual unprotected sex.

As to your other problems, see your doctor and follow instructions.

As far as I can judge, you were fortunate and did not get infected.


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