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Can HIV be treated?

Q: I am a 25 years old man. I had a possible HIV exposure last month. I came to know about an HIV medicine claiming to completely cure it within 3 months. As per the claims of that drug company, magnetic tapes and herbs would be used in the treatment. Is it possible to cure HIV completely?

A:You say that you had a possible exposure to HIV about one month ago. First of all you need to test yourself for HIV by undergoing a blood test. Further guidance can be given to you only after knowing your HIV status. Even if unfortunately you test HIV positive that is not the end of the world. These days, HIV positive persons can lead a long, productive and healthy life style by the use of some drugs. No, unfortunately - till date - there has been no medicine in any system of medicine, which can cure HIV infection. Many fraudulent persons make false tall claims to cheat innocents. Please beware of such claims. Always contact only qualified doctors.


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