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Can AIDS be transmitted by touching the genitals?

Q: While having sex, if a person just touches the genitals like penis, vagina, etc are there any chances of transmission of HIV/AIDS? If a person came to know that he/she is HIV+ after 1 year after having sex with an infected partner, what is the treatment that should be followed by him and what is the average life-span?

A:Unless there is a open cut or wound on the hand, just touching the genitals of another person can not transmit HIV, even if the person touched is HIV positive. If a person discovers that he or she is HIV positive then that person should do the following:-

  • Confirm the diagnosis by another test if only one test was done initially
  • Contact and discuss issues with a counsellor
  • Do not donate blood
  • Avoid casual sex
  • Use a condom for all penetrative sex, even with the regular partner or even with another HIV infected person
  • Live a regular life with balanced nutrition and regular exercise
  • Continue with the normal occupation to earn a living
  • Get all illnesses treated early
  • Chose a doctor for future consultation who accepts and treats HIV positive persons
  • Get in touch with associations of positive persons
  • Share the knowledge with those that you trust, especially spouse or sexual partner As a general rule half the persons who get HIV infection develop AIDS in about 9 years. This means that half the persons who get infected are still well and functioning more than 9 years after getting infected. As far as specific treatment by anti-retrovirals is concerned, the consensus is that anti-retrovirals should not be started too early in the course of the infection. Current thinking suggests that anti-retrovirals should be started when AIDS is imminent or when the T4 cell count has dropped below 200. Consult your doctor about this. Please remember to live a regular health life, get all infections treated immediately and rigorously and take precautions to avoid passing on the infection.


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