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Can AIDS be contracted by casual sex with a prostitute?

Q: I visited a brothel 3 years ago and had sex with a prostitute. Since then I have relation with my wife for one year & now we have a child. I could not discuss the problem with any one and I went through depression. Recently I had burning in hands & legs and after one month I got fever. I am taking medicines but the fever continues after a few days relief. Could I have contracted HIV virus as I read somewhere that fever is a symptom of HIV? I know that breast milk, blood, vaginal secretion can contain HIV virus. As far as I know, after HIV infection and window period a person may develop fever and lymph gland swelling. I fear going for HIV test as it may be my death warrant. I have also read that India has developed a vaccine and it is in the clinical trial phase. Is it true and what are the initial results considering that U.S. trials have failed? Please give the details about the best test available in Delhi.

A:One should not jump to the conclusion that anyone is HIV positive based on symptoms, in case there is a doubt it is best to have a test at any good lab. In Delhi there are many such counselling and testing centres including at the NICD and at government hospitals. If you have a doubt it is better to have a test done. If the result comes out negative, stop worrying. If the test is positive, get another test as one should never trust a single test for HIV. If you are worried about confidentiality, use an assumed name/ address and in any case be sure to get the result. Testing will not make you infected, it is better to find out and then decide your plan of action. HIV infection is not a death sentence, there are new drugs and treatments coming out regularly and the cost is also getting far less than it was. These medicines prevent the onset of AIDS in most cases. Go to a counselling centre and get information and get your test done. That is the only way to reassure yourself and to stop worrying about possible infection. Do not wait for a vaccine to be available in India or anywhere else. Please avoiod casual sex and do not put yourself at risk again.


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