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Am I infected with HIV?

Q: I had sex with a girl whom I came to know is HIV positive. I had used a condom. I am now tense because I had kissed her deeply. Can this cause AIDS? Secondly, after how long will I be HIV positive following a sexual intercourse with a HIV-positive girl i.e. when should I go for testing and which test is better?

A:I can imagine how much stress you are facing. From the history you have given in your mail, it is very likely that you will be safe. However you will not know for sure until you have a HIV test at least 3 months after exposure. Even if your test is reported positive, do not accept that you are infected until you have a second test. If either test is negative then it means that at the time of the test you did not have HIV antibodies. If the tests are negative, to be absolutely sure you may like to have another test a little later as in rare cases it takes longer that 3 months for a test to become positive. Until you have the test results, avoid sex as if you are infected you may pass on the infection. Please do not put yourself at risk again, condoms are not 100% surety against HIV infection -- accidents can happen.


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