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Am I a homosexual?

Q: I am 21 years old. When I was 9 years, I had visited my uncle who had the habit of exhibiting himself naked to his wife. I was exhilarated seeing it and wanted to remain naked like him but at home even removing my shirt was forbidden because (may be) my mother had lost her husband (my father) four years ago and she feared sexual arousal. When there was no one at home I used to remain naked and obtained pleasure from it. When I saw a man even without a shirt I used to fantasise remaining naked and got an erection thinking of it but the idea of intercourse never touched me. I've always thought of having sex with a girl. I once came across a naked female servant and I wanted her to physically masturbate me. Every time we were alone we used to do it and we mutually enjoyed it. After sometime she left and I started fantasising about her and masturbated. But when I think now and remember that I got an erection seeing a man naked, I become depressed. I just hate homosexuality and cannot even think of it. The idea of having it with a man gives me a severe headache and depression. I had consulted a psychiatrist who told me that homosexuality was a phase in every one but I didn't like it and I changed to another one who told me that I was never homosexual but curious. Sir, is there some way that I can forget my past because now whenever I hear the word homosexual I start asking myself whether I am a homosexual and whether I can satisfy my wife. Now seeing a man naked or without shirt does not give me erections. I had fought with my mother at the age of 15 and started exhibiting and moving like a normal person. Now I exclusively think only of girls in my fantasies even a thought about homosexuality bothers me. Doctor please advise can a man forget his past through hypnotherapy because the second psychiatrist promised me that he would do so but later he refused saying it was not necessary.

A:Perusal of your complaints and sexual history reveal that your homosexual curiosities are more or less over and you are in a normal heterosexual phase. You may have a session with a psychiatrist regarding sex education and counselling.


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