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AIDS - Oral sex

Q: Sir I want to know that if a person is suffering from AIDS and he puts some non affected persons penis in his mouth and starts licking it completely, hence that persons semen is discharged in his mouth. Are there any chances that non affected person may also become a victim of AIDS?

A:Oral sex, for example when a penis is sucked or licked can transmit HIV infection. There are two ways in which this can happen. If the infected persons semen goes into the mouth, it can cause infection by the virus being absorbed or by entering the blood stream through small cuts and injuries in the mouth or gums. However when the recepient person is the infected, infection can only be spread from blood from injuries, bleeding gums etc in the infected persons mouth enters the body of the non-infected rough breaks in the skin of the penis. Theoretically infection can also occur via the mucous membrane or lining of the urethra, especially if there is an infection or inflamation present. Please remember that small injuries are not uncommon after vigourous sexual activity. In the example given by you, infection can occur but it is unlikely, especially if the penis had no injuries and no other infection. Please be careful to avoid such exposure in the future, use a condom even for oral sex. To be sure that infection has not occured, at least 2 tests should be done in a reliable lab three months after exposure. To repeat, infection is possible in this case but it is unlikely, especially in the absence of other sexually transmitted infection or injury.


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