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Will scaling help improve the sensitivity of teeth?

Q: My front lower teeth rub with the upper ones. As a result of this wear and tear, my lower teeth have become sensitive. My doctor has advised me to go for a scaling and then an orthodontic treatment. Will scaling worsen my condition or will it help improve my state and is scaling painful?

A:Sometimes when teeth are not related ideally (upper and lower) it can result in rubbing and wearing away of the tooth structure. When the enamel wears off and dentin is exposed, it results in sensitivity. But this might require different treatment altogether to manage sensitivity even to the extent of getting a root canal done to tackle the problem followed by placing crowns. In your case the dentist has advised you scaling, it implies that your gums are not healthy and probably have deposits, and may be the cause for sensitivity. The procedure is not painful. Since you are young, your dentist has rightly advised you orthodontic treatment to tackle malrelation of teeth bringing in wearing, to manage the problem permanently.


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