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Will penicillin affect my pregnancy?

Q: I am a 28 years old married woman, looking forward to start a family. A month ago I was on my holiday to India, where I was affected by severe throat infection coupled with high-grade fever (Beta haemolytic streptococcal infection). I have been advised to take Penicillin tablets and a Vitamin Supplement for 45 days. In order to reduce the high-grade fever, I was also on intravenous injection for 2 days at the hospital. I would love to start a healthy family. I have no other associated problems. My periods are regular and have never faltered by god's grace. Can I try for a baby while I am on penicillin? Will penicillin affect the growth of the fetus during pregnancy? Is it safe to attempt a pregnancy at this juncture?

A:Penicillin is one of the safest antibiotics, which can be taken during pregnancy as well. It does not have any effect on the growth of the foetus in-utero during pregnancy. It is not teratogenic. Therefore, therapy with penicillin does not come the in way for trying a baby. You can start trying for a baby right away.


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