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Will my daughter's interest in movies and actors harm her studies?

Q: My elder daughter is 13 years old. She is good in studies. Both my husband I are working and after school hours she and her younger sister stay alone at home till 6 PM. My concern is that she is very fond of movies and serials. She doesn't want to see anything else. Nowadays she has started collecting snaps of Amrita Rao whom she likes a lot and is mad after her. Will this harm her studies? How can I tackle her? Also she doesn't wake up before 9 AM on holidays. I shout at her for these things, which I know is not good. How can I control myself? I realise that these are teenage fads but still I want some satisfactory answer from you.

A:You are right in understanding that your daughter is passing through adolescence which can be a period of storm and stress. Getting up late, interest in movies and television, hero-worshipping etc. are typical of this stage. You admit that she is good in studies, which means that she is able to balance her teenage interests with academic achievement. Try to be good parental models and be consistent in disciplining. Use a mixture of firm discipline, warmth and stability of family environment.


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