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Will excessive masturbation will lead to problems in future?

Q: I have been watching porn websites for the last four years, for hours on the Internet. It started as fun but later it turned into serious addiction. The way I watch porn sites is different. I keep my penis erected for hours and keep shaking it but wont let the sperms out till it pains. This process goes on for 3-4 hours. I am 26 years old now and I feel that my penis has gone weak, it is not as strong as a 26-year-old man should have. I feel it has become very softto touch and has lost its hardness. I watch pornographic movies if I am not in a mood to watch porn sites. I had a girlfriend, but after we broke off, I never bothered about went behind her nor have I been aggressive for other girls. I just ignore everything. I love watching females having sex as I feel they enjoy it with pain. I am not gay and neither do I have any interest in men. I have a fear of not having a happy life in future. I feel that I won't be able to satisfy my partner for long. I get nervous at night and abuse myself for what I did. I have stopped watching porn sites or movies. Please advise.

A:Most sexual problems are generated by myths. Masturbation is not reported to cause physical or psychological harms, and the porn watching could not have caused any physiological imbalance related to sexual functioning, it seems you are over preoccupied with this aspect and that is the primary reason why you are in distress. You should talk to a psychiatrist in your city and take guidance. Also move on in life, by giving focus to work, health and socialising with friends and family, and enjoy, you would feel better.


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