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Why should one marry?

Q: I am 27 years old unmarried male. I've a question in mind for a long time - Should I marry or not? Why should someone marry? Is it to satisfy the urge of the body to have sex at this age or is it like the individual is really in search of a soul mate for his life. I've no intention of getting married and also no intention of having sex in any way with anybody (neither with a prostitute nor with a girlfriend). I am well educated and earning a decent salary. Can anyone answer me or help me in clarifying my confusion, as it would be greatly appreciated.

A:There is no set reason for marriage and it cannot be a must for all people. Marriage for different people is for different reasons. For some it is the companionship, for some it is for family reasons, for some to have the next generation and so on. But for most, its for the long term partner and satisfaction and happiness related to it. There is no compulsion, but the social needs of a human make him feel the desire for marriage.


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