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Why is there a surge in crime towards women?

Q: The incidence of rape is high in our country, particularly so in the last five years. Though literacy has picked up and greater empowerment of women is seen, yet the rate of this crime is on the rise. Is it due to poverty, exploitation or lack of moral teachings or could it be due to the increasing trend in women going out to work? Could it be due to the fact that cinema depicts sex in its raw form and induces men, both young and old, to rape? In my view, society as a whole should take up this problem - analyze it and suggest suitable remedial measures as mere enforcement agencies alone will not be able to tackle this problem. Above all, society should aim at inculcating in the young mind spiritual and moral values and moral classes at institutions should be revived. I will appreciate your valuable views on this.

A:Crime overall has increased, and an increase in crime towards women is a part of this as well. Also youth crime has gone up significantly, and this is a reflection of an overall degradation of our social set up. Too many parameters are here, that includes the pereception of law enforcement, the interperetation of the social & moral values by people, and the personal and family dynamics as also substance use. Most crimes, aginst women or otherwise, are done under intoxication, or by people who regulalry take alcohol or other substances. Also, most times aggression in the individual, which can be due to feeling of deprivation; comparison; materialistic dissatisfaction; or simple vendetta aginst one person or a group, result in aggression being expressed outwards. Also the perception of men regarding sexual concepts related to women needs to change. Studies report that many aggressors against women were under the impression that intial resistance by women is temporary and they would enjoy it finally and such concepts of man power sexually over women and gender biases also cause the increase in this. Watching of pornography can also change perception towards sexuality. How to change all this? -Start from school, we need to impart life skills education to students, and help them develop better skills to handle life, and give a contemprary moral education that is applicable to them. -Identify the students who tend to be aggressive, and help them change. All schools must have counselors. -There is also a need to improve the conviction rate, speed up trials and increase empathy towards vicitms so that the stigmatisation is prevented. -Media needs to be more proactive and increse the right awareness regarding moral and social concepts. And finally we all as a socitey need to be more introspective and change ourselves, as we need to be better role models.


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