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Why is my daughter still seeing shadows after retinal surgery?

Q: My daughter is 16 years old. She noticed a shadow/curtain across her peripheral vision in the left eye last week. On investigation, peripheral retinal detachment was detected. Scleral buckle surgery was performed (there was no vitrectomy) and she is now recovering. While the shadow/curtain has reduced, but it hasn't gone away completely. How long will it take for her to regain her normal vision? Will the shadow/curtain persist?

A:Retinal detachment is a potentially serious condition. She is lucky that it was detected and treated in time. Peripheral shadow may remain for months but her vision should be back to normal in 3-4 weeks after postoperative eye drops have been stopped. Other eye needs to be watched. She may have myopia or a history of blunt eye injury. It is also possible that her retinal periphery had a congenital weakness.


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