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How can my son’s astigmatism in both the eyes be corrected?

Q: My 7 years old son has cylindrical eyesight – spherical 0.5, cylindrical 2.0, axis 180 in the both eyes. His vision in right eye is 6/9 and in left 6/4. Will it increase by age? How it can be prevented? At first check-up there was no number for spherical but after 2 years it was 0.5 - why? Can eyesight improve with eye exercise? Will laser treatment help for both cylindrical and spherical number? Can TV, computer, video game and studies cause increase in numbers? What is myopia?

A:Your son has astigmatism with good vision in both eyes. 1. Generally speaking, the sylindrical power (-2.0 x 1800 ) tends to remain stable throughout life. The spherical power (0.5) may change with growth of age. However, as it is genetically determind, we can not modify it thru treatment a eyedrops. 2. No external factors (diet etc.) can reduce this power. Growth can change the spherical power, which may increase or reduce. 3. Eye exercise help to improve the muscle tone not the eye sight hence reduce strain for continuous near work. 4. Once he turns 18 and has stable refraction, Lasik Laser for removal of 8 can be considered. 5. Regular eye checkup is mandatory to detect change in power. Good distance from TV/Computer for viewing etc. is important. 6. Myopia means shortsightedness - the vision for near is clear without glasses, but for distance, corrective (-ve) lenses are required.


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