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How can my nephew’s eyesight be improved?

Q: My five years old nephew fell from the roof about 4-5 months back. He had some head injuries, which were corrected. But for the last one month, we observed that his eyesight has reduced quite a lot. We visited a doctor who told us that blood supply to his eyes has stopped due to some injuries in veins. How can his eye vision be improved?

A:It seems your nephew had damage to optic nerve circulation due to head injury. This would have caused optic atrophy and poor vision as a result. Although tests can be done to confirm that but I don't think any treatment will make it better.

Best thing would be to see a reliable eye specialist or institution who you trust to give you confirmation so that you can rest assured. I have trust in Shankar Nethralay in Chennai for which I have no finacial interest.


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