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Why I am not good at multi-tasking?

Q: I am not used to do multi-tasking. I am working in a private company and am compelled to work doing multiple things at a time. I am not able to manage it. How can I manage it? At times I tend to forget what I am supposed to do. The company is a dynamic in nature (Tata Consultancy Services Limited) I do not get proper sleep at night and get anxious as to what will happen in the office tomorrow. Can you help me?

A:It seems like you are having anxiety/stress as a result of inability to manage your time to complete the tasks that you have or have been assigned. Headache and insomnia are probably the results of underlying stress/anxiety. The best way to take care of this is to prioritize things/tasks and complete one thing at a time. If you have a task that takes only 2-5 minutes, complete them immediately but if you have a task that will take more than few minutes prioritize them. Prioritization may depend on several factors — such as request by your supervisor, project deadlines, etc. Even though many are multi-tasking it has been found over and over again that it may not be as productive as focusing on one task at a time. When you focus on one task/things at a time you not only complete most but at the end of the day you are able to finish more task than otherwise. Thus this method will in turn boost your confidence. There are several self-help books that are available for time management — for a title you might want to search a near by bookstore or online. GOOD LUCK


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