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Why have my periods become erratic after having sex?

Q: I am an unmarried, 26 years old woman. I have a thin built, with a height 5 feet. I had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend for the first time a year back. After that my periods have become very erratic, even though I had regular periods before having sex. The first period I had after sex was 1.5 months later and the intervals have stretched increasingly. Now, it is almost 2 months. I am not undergoing any medical treatment and nor am I pregnant. What is wrong, I am totally clueless? Please let me know what checkup to do? I am going to be married next year. The local physician says that things will become alright after I get married. I am little apprehensive about that. Please advise your suggestions.

A:The fact that you had sex a year back and have not had a child yet, rules out pregnancy as a reason. Was it a one time sex or have you had intercourse on an ongoing basis? If you are having sex on an ongoing basis, then you must see a gynecologist for evaluation as soon as possible before getting married. If you have only had sex once 10 months ago, then it is possible that your guilt about it is causing excessive stress. Our brain is a very powerful organ system and any feelings of extreme stress can manifest themselves physically. I would only suggest eating healthy, taking a multivitamin every-day, see a gynaecologist if needed and forgive yourself.


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