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Why have I lost complete vision in my right eye?

Q: I underwent cataract surgery in both my eyes fifteen years ago. This year, all of a sudden one morning, I lost complete vision in my right eye. I was operated for vitrectomy, cryopexy and scleral buckling (retina detachment) three months back. After surgery, I was given a few drops Timo-5, ofidex, obron which I am presently using. Though about three months have elapsed, I have not regained full vision in my right eye and the image is very blurred. Kindly tell me what is the cause of this sudden loss of vision? Will I regain my full vision or not? Will I get the same problem in my next eye? What precautions I should take to protect my left eye? Should I avoid sunlight?

A:Retinal detachment occurs due to retinal breaks which leads to vitreous fluid seeping behind the retina. The visual recovery depends on the duration of the detachment. The visual recovery is possible till 6 months, full recovery of vision occurs only in 10 -15% of cases, the refractive error of the eye changes after surgery. Kindly get your power checked.


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