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Why have I become so possessive about people?

Q: I am under dialysis for the past 13 months. After falling ill I have become very possessive. Like if someone in family or outside people visiting our home goes out or they tell me that they will come after some days I totally think about that person till they come back. Due to this, my blood pressure goes high and I feel very uncomfortable. What should I do to change my nature and control my thoughts? I am also aware that I think of unwanted things but cannot control my mind in thinking so. Please Doctor give me a way so, that I can change my thinking.

A:It is quite common for someone who has fallen ill and become dependent on the care of others to become anxious about being alone. Your problem is not unusual, but it can be troubling. The first thing to do is discuss your feelings with your family members, so that they can try to be reassuring, that they will not abandon you because you are ill. If that is not enough, perhaps you can have a few meetings with a psychologist, and undertake some mental exercises, such as meditation, to soothe yourself when you become fearful. Finally, if the first two suggestions are not enough, your doctor can prescribe a mild tranquillizer, to calm your anxieties.


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