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Why has my tinnitus became worse during periods?

Q: My 50 years old wife is suffering from tinnitus for the past two years. She consulted two to three ENT specialists and took treatment as asked to. She also underwent audiogram test and MRI scan of the brain. Her angiogram came normal. But the problem of tinnitus still exists and has become severe whenever she has periods. Now, she is on the verge of menopause. How can tinnitus be treated?

A:Tinnitus may be caused by minor / major damage anywhere in the hearing pathway from the middle ear, inner ear, auditory nerves, to the brainstem & brain. The pathway is sending a signal to the brain that there is an external sound, whereas there is none. These minor defects may be extremely small, and not picked up by audiogram / MRI / angiogram.

Sometimes, this may be due to minor alterations in blood supply anywhere in the pathway.

Often, none of the medicines work. Some do suppress the tinnitus. Most often the patient learns to ignore the tinnitus, and / or the tinnitus goes away on its own.

In this case, if the tinnitus is worse during the periods, then definitely it may be blood supply / hormone related and with menopause round the corner, there is a strong possibility that the tinnitus might disappear.


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