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Why has my husband become so obsessive about cleanliness?

Q: My 35 years old husband has recently started behaving very strangely. He gets angry on seeing dust in the house, scolds children badly when they play, is very fussy about cleaning, shouts a lot on everyone, doesn’t allow me to cook non-vegetarian food at home but eats it happily. I am suffering a lot due to this. What do I do to treat his fussiness for keeping the house absolutely neat and clean?

A:With your brief description it clearly seems like you and your kids are in a very stressful situation, however, it is difficult to tell what might be going on with your husband. The only way to get a proper assessment would be to have your husband examined by a psychiatrist who would be able to comprehensively assess with your input and will recommend proper plan. I suggest that you seek help of your family (parents/in-laws/siblings) or friends to initiate this. As far as the question about will your kids inherit similar problems - it depends on what disorder your husband has. Some psychiatric disorders are likely to be genetically transmitted to some extent. Again this is the question that needs to be asked once your husband has been evaluated by a psychiatrist and found to have one.


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