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Why does my child remain quiet?

Q: My son is 7.5 years old and has been promoted to class III. He does not talk to elders at all. His teachers have been complaining that he doesn't talk in the class. He remains quiet even when they ask questions. His teacher says that last year he did not utter a single word with her. But he talks to his best friends, his mother and me. He is active while playing with his friends. He is least interested in studies and doesn't do well academically. He doesn't eat vegetables and eats certain fruits. My wife is also a very quiet person. I also talk less, but I don't think that am a quiet person. My younger son who is 2.5 years old is quite active, talkative and interested in everything. What could be my son's problem? Will it affect his studies? Do I need to take him to a child physiatrist?

A:The things one needs to pay attention to with children is, their peer interaction, their school work and habits, their home behaviour, their interaction with family, friends and strangers and their play. If some of these are been affected then you must consult a psychiatrist. What you describe could be a form of anxiety disorder and would respond well to counseling and medications if needed.


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