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Why do my teeth start cracking at night?

Q: I am suffering from a very peculiar problem. Since childhood when I go to sleep, my teeth start cracking. I don't know why this happens? When I get up my mother tells me that my teeth make so much sound that it is not easy for anyone to sleep. I have consulted many doctors but it did not help. Some say its due to worms in the stomach and some say it's due to mental tension, which I don't have. But a few months back, I read in a magazine that it's a sleeping disorder. Is there any cure for this problem? I am getting married after 4 months and I don't want to face any embarrassment.

A:You are suffering from a common problem called as bruxism. This is neither rare nor untreatable problem. You are requested to go to an Oral Medicine or oral surgery expert who will first diagnose the cause of bruxism and then it can be treated in most of the cases. Apart from treating the cause we can also give you a soft splint which will at least reduce the amount of stress on the teeth and grinding of teeth. Even if it is a sleep disorder of some kind, it is treatable so do not worry.


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