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Why do my eyes so get tired after reading?

Q: I am a 20 yrs old girl, doing physiotherapy and so I need to study almost every day. My eyes get tired by the time I reach home even though I have enough sleep of 7 hours. Recently I have developed a pea sized swelling on my upper eyelid and even my eyes don't look fresh.

A:Take away your thought that reading spoils your eyes. It doesnt. Please get a cycloplegic refraction to see if you have any hyperopia or astigmatism. Eat lots of fresh uncooked vegetables, sprouts and fruits. All study no play makes you dull. Do regular exercises, early in the morning, which could include pranayama. The pea sized swelling could by a stye or a chalazion, get it treated. Reduce fats and fried food. Cold packs will help relieve the tiredness.


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