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Why do I see distorted images?

Q: I am 41 years old female. I observe distortion of letters while viewing through the left eye for the past few years. Visual ability was 6/6 in the right eye and 6/24 in the left eye. An examination showed a normal picture in the right eye and subretinal scar with subretinal haemorrhage and serous elevation of the retina involving the fovea in left eye. Angiography showed staining of subretinal scar. This was because since my childhood I had nerves problem. I took Inderal and Eptoin for 15 years. If severe headache comes, I used to take vasograin suggested by a neurologist. After that I recouped from the nerves trouble and now have two healthy children. How can I have a good vision?

A:The condition you have seems either central serous retinopathy or macular dystrophy. If this is former, it should get better but retinal scar with either condition may affect your central reading vision forever. There is no satisfactory treatment for macular scar. As the condition has already existed for several years, you may have to put up with this distortion in vision. There should be some improvement in vision as subretinal haemorrhage clears. There is no satisfactory treatment.


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