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Why do I not like people celebrating festivals?

Q: I am a 21 years old chef who has to work in hotel during festivals since last year. Since then I have lost interest in all festivals and recently I have started developing a severe hatred for people I see enjoying festivals. When festival days come near I get into a very bad mood. I get angry often and cannot see the happiness of other people enjoying festivals. To control my anger I often work voluntarily in the butchery section and cool myself down by chopping poultry and meat. I often fantasize myself spending good and intimate times with my loved ones and that too helps but after all its just imagination. I talk to myself a lot since I was in school. I don't have many friends and I am a loner. I even talk to imaginary characters sometimes, which I have created in my imaginations. What is wrong with me?

A:With this little information, it is difficult and would be wrong to label you with a psychological illness tag. Hatred for festival and people enjoying festivals must come from some past experiences. One needs to look at those closely to understand the cause and by exploring this, you will find a way to tackle the problem as well. A good therapist can help you do so. Everyone has likes and dislikes, at some phase of life these likes and dislikes become stronger and create problem for us. You seem to be going through that phase now, please get in touch with a good therapist locally. In general, watch your food and fluid intake, avoid alcohol and indulge in regular exercise. This will help you.


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