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Why do I keep staring at women's breasts?

Q: I am 21 years old and a single lady. My problem is that I am prone to looking at boobs and the lower portion of both males and females. I am always distracted and wish to get rid of this bad habit. What should I do?

A:It is important to understand what makes you look at these organs? An individual's thought process is what influences his/her behaviour. The way we interpret the situation and the environment around us, would have a direct effect on our actions. Once we are able to identify your thought pattern, only then can we try to modify it by challenging the existing maladaptive thoughts and moving on to adopting rational thoughts. These would in turn lead to more healthy/desired behaviours. Also, many a times trying not to do something very strongly only leads us to do that very thing. That is because our minds are so overly cued to it. For instance, if we are told not to think of a pink elephant chances are that there will be a picture of a pink elephant, created in our minds. Thus, may be when you are in a social gathering try not to focus on this aspect but mingle with the crowd, interact/participate with them. This would perhaps help you to not be so preoccupied with your existing concern.


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