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Why do I keep rechecking on the tasks that I have already done?

Q: I am a 64-year-old retired defence personnel. After retiring, I joined a private concern and served for 3 years. Now I am not doing anything other than some odd household job which involves no physical work. I am hypertensive since 1989. Now my blood pressure is under control with regular medicine (Atenlol 25 mg and Amlodepine 5 mg, Alprex 0.25 mg SOS). I have developed few odd habits which worries me. I have no faith in myself. While going out I lock front door myself but before starting my car, I stop my car to go back and find out whether I have locked it or not. I don't allow any one to switch off the gas at night and do it myself but at night I get up to check whether I have switched it off or not. My car has a central locking system with a remote control. Even after locking I check it 2-3 times at night. What is my problem? I know what I am doing. How can I control myself from the above? Please advise some medications. I don't want to go to a psychologist.

A:Obsessive-compulsive disorders are well-recognised, and they respond well to treatment. The best approach is to adopt a more vigorous lifestyle and to exercise and socialise very actively. Cognitive behaviour approaches to handling disturbing behaviour can be very effective in the hands of an interested psychotherapist. In more troublesome cases, psychiatrists usually try one of several drugs, such as serotonin re uptake inhibitors. Treating associated anxiety or depression is also important. In the right circumstances, yoga and meditation with a calming teacher would be of great benefit.


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