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Why do I have sensitive teeth?

Q: What are the reasons for sensitivity in teeth? Why does the enamel erode? I feel very cold in my teeth from the last 3 years. The doctor said that this is due to erosion of the enamel, so some coating will be required. Now he says that it is due to gum disease and gaps between the gums and teeth. Cleaning and filling will be required for this. The reason he gave is that I brush my teeth horizontally, which I accept. Now I have starting brushing my teeth vertically. What is the solution? Is it permanent or temporary? What does he mean by coating of the enamel?

A:Sensitivity of teeth can be because of many reasons. The common ones are: 1. Erosion of the enamel can be because of -

  • using a hard/medium toothbrush
  • using too much pressure while brushing
  • acidity
  • excess of fruit juice, lime etc.
2. Gingival recession due to gum infection. The treatment would depend upon the cause and the presenting clinical picture. A desensitising coating is a safe procedure and effective for superficial erosions.


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