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Why do I grind my teeth while sleeping?

Q: I am a 23 years old male. My parents say that I grind my teeth a lot while sleeping. Is it a disease? If yes, how can it be cured?

A:Grinding of teeth in sleep is common, however, not to the extent that you seem to have. Some of the possible complications of grinding teeth during sleep are damage to the teeth and possible association with/worsening temporomandibular joint pain (joint of the jaw). It is likely that anxiety and stress could worsen teeth grinding. In any case, best way to prevent damage to your teeth is to manage excessive teeth grinding with teeth-guard which can be worn when you go to sleep - you would need to check if these are available in the pharmacy shops or you might have to see a dentist to get a customized one for your jaw. In addition, I suggest getting evaluated by a psychiatrist/sleep physician to assess any other conditions that you might have.


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