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Why do I get feelings of superiority even after simple tasks?

Q: I am 24 years old post-graduate student. I face a very peculiar problem. Every time I do an activity, like reading a book or sharing some information I have gathered etc., I get a very egoistic feeling. I start feeling that I have done something great, which no one else could do even though these activities are normal and everyone else does it. I know that what I have done is a normal thing, yet these feelings come and I feel that I am superior to others. If I am preparing for my exam, I feel that I have some points, which none of my friends could have found out, while they can be easily figured out by anyone. This problem worsens if I talk or interact with others. This is affecting my overall performance and I am unable to concentrate on most of the things I do. It is disturbing me very much. Please help.

A:The information provided below is limited to come to a conclusion as to what might be going on: - You seem to perceive day-to-day things to be somewhat great/extraordinary, the good thing is that you have an insight into it - it is likely that this might be early (prodrome) phase of delusions - it is likely that with time and without intervention you might develop overt grandiose delusions (however, keep in mind that this is all based upon very little information). Grandiose delusions occur in several emotional illnesses such as bipolar disorder, etc. In addition, you seem to be disturbed somewhat whether as a result of reactions from your peers/friends and/or as a result of your own insight into it. Other things which might indicate bipolar disorder are: 1. Decreased need to sleep 2. Increased belief in relgiousity 3. Increase in sociability 4. Getting many thoughts at the same time sometimes to a point where it might be difficult to delineate 5. Enquiring friends and family as to if/what changes they have noticed in him might be helpful If you feel that you have even 1 or 2 of these you should probably get evaluated by a psychiatrist.


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