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Why do I find it difficult to take decisions?

Q: I am a 30 years old unmarried female. Off late, I have started realizing that it takes a toll on me when I have to take an important decision regarding my life and relationships. I start fearing that I’ll lose my loved ones and my freedom. What is the problem with me?

A:Facing some confusion and conflict in taking important decisions is a common problem. Since you seem to suggest that this is a recent development, I am assuming that there must be several decisions you have taken in the past. Evaluate these decisions and see how well they may have worked out. Try and gain confidence from the good decisions and look at the process you may have followed in arriving at these. If you recognise that there are some decisions that have not worked in your favour then take a learning away from them so as not to repeat any patterns. In other words, remind yourself of your faith in your ability to take decisions in the past. Lastly, assess the consequences of every decision and prepare to deal with the downsides if need arises. This way you will feel more in control and the worries are likely to subside.


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