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Why do I feel tired keeping my eyes open?

Q: I feel tired keeping my eyes open especially in the afternoons, for nearly 6 years. I have consulted an ophthalmologist. He said that there is dust in the eyelid and gave a glycerine like product. Later another person asked me to wear plain glasses for 6 month which I did not follow. I don't strain my eyes. After prolonged sleep during the daytime, I get this. Yesterday I poured 2 drops of gentamicin & now feel quite good. Generally I have a dry skin and wrinkles, so I am taking Evion 400 mg. I feel uneasy when I touch smooth-powder, soap, or fine dust.

A:Your history is suggestive of dryness of surface of the eyes probably related to your skin condition. Usually dry eyes need to be looked at in detail by an Eye specialist and evaluation is done with a few stains. Following this the dry eye is classified into mild, moderate or severe type and then the treatment is planned accordingly. Hence, I would suggest visiting an eye specialist near your place and getting a detailed evaluation done.


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