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Why do I feel so drowsy and tired while going to work in the morning?

Q: I travel 30 kms by bus to reach my office. The traveling time is 40 minutes. Being morning, most people do not sleep in the bus. I too do not sleep for 30 minutes but despite controlling myself, I feel drowsy and my eyes shut. Though I sleep, it is not a deep sleep. On reaching the destination, I hardly open my eyes and have to take tea to feel fresh. But it still doesn't help. Due to this, I am usually drowsy and tired in the morning. I sleep well at home. I never sleep in the evening while returning back home. How do I control my sleep while travelling? Is there any problem with me?

A:Even though the sleep need for every person differs an average adult needs roughly 8 hours/night. It is possible that your night time sleep need might be different. In any case if you are getting at least 8 hours of good quality sleep at night you would be less likely to be sleepy during day unless you have some underlying medical/psychiatric/primary sleep disorders/medications causing sleepiness, etc. If you are not getting 8 hours during night - attempt to sleep 8 hours/night for at least 7 days and then assess how you feel during day - if you feel good then you have the answer. If despite sleeping 8 hours/night for 7 days at a stretch you continue to feel drowsy in the morning, I would recommend assessment by a physician specializing in sleep medicine.


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